Fitness Centers and Clubs of all kinds are Going Mobile with SMS, Mobile Websites and Apps

Gym health club marketingMobile marketing has become a huge part of today’s advertising and marketing strategies. Mobile marketing for gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers will help you bring in new members, offer special discounts and create incentive programs.

Since mobile marketing is one of the cheaper forms of advertisement, you’re going to be able to reach more people without paying more money. With mobile marketing, your options are limitless and your possible strategies are vast. There’s so much you can do to bring in new business with mobile marketing for your gym, health club, or fitness center. Continue Reading

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Mobile Websites are the New Must Have for Nonprofits

nonprofit mobile marketing strategyMobile websites for nonprofit organizations helps you get your information out to the public in an easy and convenient way. You may already have a regular website, but a lot of phones have trouble loading full websites. Through a mobile website, you’re able to reach all people with a phone and internet without fail and without worry.

If someone drives past your church and sees your sign about a charity event coming up, they’re going to want to go to your website and read more about it. If they’re already out in the car, they’re going to go to your website on their phone. Continue Reading

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College and University Marketing Plans are Going Mobile with QR Codes and SMS

College SMS MarketingText message marketing services for colleges are vast and easy to use. Colleges are using SMS text marketing to reach part of the public that they’d not otherwise be able to reach. Once a potential student visits a college’s website and puts in their contact info, the college is able to use text message marketing to send the potential student as much information as possible.

Text message marketing services for colleges are a cheaper way to advertise your campus to a broader number of students in the least amount of time. Continue Reading

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Does your Healthcare Marketing Plan include Mobile SMS Marketing Strategies

Healthcare Text Message MarketingHealthcare marketing is a big part of running a successful healthcare practice in these technological times.  Whether you run a homecare agency, hospice, clinic or physicians practice, you should start considering healthcare SMS marketing as a way kick your healthcare marketing plan into high gear.

Ways to Use Healthcare SMS Marketing in Your Business

Using mobile text marketing for your health care business doesn’t have to be this complicated affair. You can create an uncomplicated sms text mobile marketing plan very easily. One way you can do this is by using sms marketing software to send your current patients appointment reminders or lab results. Continue Reading

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SMS Marketing for SalonsText message marketing for salons is being used to increase repeat business and referrals while decreasing cancellations and missed appointments. A text message marketing service can be used in many ways to increase revenues for your salon or spa, including:

Increasing visits – SMS marketing can be used to send periodic follow-up messages to clients to remind them when they are due for a trim, color touch-up, eyebrow wax or other periodic service. By reminding them via text message marketing and inviting them to book an appointment via text or click-to-call, you increase the chances they will book with your salon for these needed services

Increasing referrals – You can send out messages via your SMS marketing software offering a discount or free item for any referral that books an appointment with you. Continue Reading

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