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Fitness Mobile Marketing Strategies

Fitness Marketing StrategiesFor health clubs, fitness centers, gyms and yoga studios, mobile marketing including mobile websites, mobile apps and text message marketing can be valuable tools to increase membership at your fitness club.

Mobile Marketer magazine profiled a North Carolina health club that wanted to increase membership to their gyms. They worked with a mobile marketing firm and ran television ads with a text-in call to action. Their target audience was residents in their commuting area who might be interested in joining their fitness centers or using their personal training services.

Responders to the TV ads received free registration and a trial membership to enjoy all the benefits of their health club including aerobics classes, yoga and personal training. Continue Reading

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How Restaurants are Using Mobile Coupons

Restaurant Mobile Coupons Are you curious about looking into restaurant mobile coupons to help expand your business? Are you hitting a wall with sending out flyers and newspaper ads? Let’s face it, in the 21st century, word of mouth advertising is rapidly being taken over by “word-of-thumb,” as texting and mobile phone marketing are fast becoming the number one ways to spread news to masses of potential customers.

If you are a restaurant manager or promoter, looking to expand your potential market, you may benefit greatly by looking into restaurant mobile coupons.

Restaurant mobile coupons are essentially a replacement of the old kind of local restaurant coupons that you could find in newspapers and magazines. Continue Reading

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