College Recruiters Are Using Text Message Marketing Services

by Michael Armstrong

College and University Marketing Plans are Going Mobile with QR Codes and SMS

College SMS MarketingText message marketing services for colleges are vast and easy to use. Colleges are using SMS text marketing to reach part of the public that they’d not otherwise be able to reach. Once a potential student visits a college’s website and puts in their contact info, the college is able to use text message marketing to send the potential student as much information as possible.

Text message marketing services for colleges are a cheaper way to advertise your campus to a broader number of students in the least amount of time. You’ll be reaching the masses and they’ll be hearing what you have to say.

QR Code Marketeting Options

Through these text message marketing services you’re able to send QR codes. QR codes are like bar codes that allow you to store mass amounts of information and transmit it easily through text.

The QR code then gets clicked on by the student and the student will be redirected to your mobile website. Your mobile website is a very valuable marketing concept as well. By having a mobile website, your potential students will be able to explore your campus, check out your events, and search classes and teachers.

Best SMS Text Message Marketing Companies for Colleges and Universities

Text message marketing allows you to send photos of your campus to potential students and invite them in for a tour. You’ll also be able to send over links through text messages that will allow your students to sign up for student aid and pick their classes.

The benefits of text message marketing services for colleges are countless. There’s nothing you can’t achieve by using the right strategy. Text message marketing is becoming a very valuable part of everyone’s business in 2012, and it can be a very valuable asset to you and your college as well. Don’t put it off, look into the greater benefits a bit farther and get started with your marketing strategy today!

Bulk SMS Text Marketing

Text message marketing services for universities will allow you to send out bulk text messages to your study body and inform them of special events you have coming up. This will allow you to get better turn outs and raise more money for charities, or other events.

Text message marketing services are guaranteed to reach the majority of your study body, as 92% of all college students in the United States have cell phones with text messaging enabled. You’re going to be able to send these messages out to them, and know they’re receiving them in real time.

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College SMS Text Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Imagine that you want to host an event to raise money for your football team. You forgot to send out the information in the news letter, and it’s now the Monday before the event on Friday. What are you going to do? Call all of the professors and request that they put it on their chalk boards? Of course not, that would take forever!

You are going to send out a bulk text message to all students and faculty informing them of the event and what the money goes to support. You are going to have an amazing turn out, even with the lack of better planning.

Take your College Marketing Plan to the Next Level with Mobile!

Your marketing strategy is just that, yours! You have the right to choose how you market, what you market, and who you market to. Using text message marketing services for your college will simply help you reach a larger amount of people faster. The services are budget friendly and easy to get started on. Go find out more today, and get your college more informed!


Get your college marketing strategy in gear and Go Mobile with mobile apps, mobile websites and text message marketing!

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