Dudamobile Review – How to Build a Mobile Version of your Website for Free

by Michael Armstrong

Dudamobile Review LogoI was looking for an easy and cheap way to convert my website to a mobile website.  This Dudamobile Review is going to explain how that was accomplished.  I hope you find this information useful for your mobile websites:

About Dudamobile

Dudamobile was founded in 2009 and this Palo Alto, CA company uses its own mobile website creation platform that turns existing websites into mobile optimized sites.  In 2010, Dudamobile even launched platform that is now licensed by AT&T, Webs.com, and Yahoo.  Currently DudaMobile is servicing over 2 million sites.

The price for this background knowledge is FREE.

Dudamobile Video

Features Offered

  • Optimize your website for phones with a web browser. DudaMobile will simply covert your existing site into a mobile site
  •  Mobile version of your Website with DudamobileBuilt for non designers. Dudamobile makes it simple for anyone to create a mobile site with easy to use features.
  •  Advanced Design Studio. Dudamobile gives you access to CSS and HTML, along with other customizing options for your mobile site.
  •  Mobile Map with Directions. Dudamobile can add a mobile map to your mobile site, also giving step-by-step directions to your business.
  •  Automatically syncs with your regular website. Dudamobile will make sure that your regular website will sync with your new mobile site.  Make a change and the changes will be reflected to mobile site.
  •  Optimized for all smart phones. Dudamobile makes sure that every platform is usable, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phone will be able to see your mobile website.
  •  Click-to-call.  Dudamobile will even optimize the mobile site with the ability for customers to one button dial to add ease in customers finding you.

How to get started

Dudamobile really makes this easy to get your mobile site up and running.  For Free. First go to  Duddamobile.com

  1. Enter your website URL in the handy box on the home page
  2. Select a category that best suites your business
  3. Click the Mobilize button
  4. Dudamobile then goes through a process that will examine, extract, build, and even test the new mobile site for you.

DudaMobile Review - Free Mobile Website Offer

Process for Conversion of your Mobile Website

  1. Convert the site to mobile
  2. Matched colors of your regular site
  3. Created thumb friendly navigation
  4. Added mobile features like click to call
  5. Dudamobile will now turn over the process to you, click the start editing my site button.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your fine tuned mobile site, then it is time to go live.
  7. Finally add a redirect to your website and away you go.  You now have a mobile website.


Resources Available

dudamobile free trial version of mobile website

(CLICK the Image Above to get started immediately at NO cost)

Or DudaMobile can be reached by the telephone by calling (866) 929-2177 from 6am to 6pm PST Monday through Friday. There is email support if your question is outside those business hours, to which DudaMobile will respond within 24 hours.

The best resources come in the DudaMobile Support page, in which there many help and tutorial pages.  Last option would be to submit and ticket request to solve any issues that could not cured by any of top means.


This DudaMobile Review was to illustrate the ease of creating you own mobile website for free.  With just few mouse clicks you will have a mobile website up and running.

 Click Below to get a Free Mobile Website!

free mobile website from Dudamobile

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