How to Make Your Nonprofit Website Mobile Friendly

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Websites are the New Must Have for Nonprofits

nonprofit mobile marketing strategyMobile websites for nonprofit organizations helps you get your information out to the public in an easy and convenient way. You may already have a regular website, but a lot of phones have trouble loading full websites. Through a mobile website, you’re able to reach all people with a phone and internet without fail and without worry.

If someone drives past your church and sees your sign about a charity event coming up, they’re going to want to go to your website and read more about it. If they’re already out in the car, they’re going to go to your website on their phone. Mobile websites make this possible.

Benefits of Nonprofit Mobile Websites

Nonprofit mobile websites are very useful for many other ways as well. You’re going to be able to accept donations online, and invite people to come and join your cause. With a mobile website you’re going to accessible from anywhere at any time.

Mobile websites are easy to update and keep current and they allow you to keep the public up to date on what you are hosting or contributing this week or this month. You have the control to give all of your information to all people very quickly and without negative results.

Nonprofit mobile websites are going to take your charity event from normal to extreme and help you raise all of the money you are trying to raise. Whether you’re on a mission to help victims in Haiti or you are gathering people to go with you to teach about God. Your options have expanded.

You’re going to be able to do anything. If you have a different charity event every month, you can place them all on your mobile website and allow people to sign up to join or attend straight from your mobile website. People are going to have more access to you and your information which is going to make more people come and assist you in your charity or event. You’re going to be overwhelmed with the difference a nonprofit mobile website will make for you and your organization!

Mobile Phone Website Options

  • Online Mobile Website Builder Services like DudaMobile
  • Outsourcing your Mobile Website Design to professionals overseas using sites like Elance.

If you’re still unsure about starting your own mobile website, know that most sites that already host for you, will allow you to try the mobile website for free so that you’re sure it’s something you want. If mobile website development isn’t your forte, you’re able to outsource and find someone that can help you build your mobile website through Elance.

nonprofit marketing training free

Elance is one of the most reputable outsourcing companies on the web. They have great ratings and they are free to sign up with. The process is quick and easy and you’ll be able to post your project within just a few minutes.

The greatest part about outsourcing for mobile website development is that you’re able to choose the budget and the time frame that you want the project completed. This ensure that you’re able to find the perfect person for your project and have your nonprofit mobile website up and running sooner rather than later.

Nonprofit mobile websites are going to open the door to your mobile marketing possibilities. You don’t have to rely on your huge billboards to do all the work anymore! You’re going to be able to send out mass emails, and bulk text messages, newsletters and so much more to keep your public informed. Get started today, and get ready to turn your nonprofit organization around!

Go to Elance and get your nonprofit mobile website built today!


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