How to Outsource Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

by Michael Armstrong

Outsourcing Mobile MarketingSo, you’re thinking about a mobile marketing strategy. You’ve read the literature, you’ve watched the videos, and you’ve decided to invigorate your business through today’s hottest marketing paradigm. Maybe you’ve even drawn up a masterfully multi-faceted campaign that’s sure to put your company’s image in peoples’ heads; yet, no matter your starting point, one great obstacle stands between you and your promotional dreams:


Luckily, it is easier today than ever before to outsource your mobile marketing strategy to an ever-growing community of capable freelance developers. Mobile web design, application development, and special format copywriting might have once been in the realm of in-house teams and firm-scale outsourcing contracts; however, with the right tools at your disposal, it’s possible to get just the talent to meet the needs you have, affordably and hassle-free.

Today’s massive talent pool thrives on a project-by-project approach, and with so many competing contractors in such a wide variety of fields, it’s possible to outsource your mobile marketing strategy on a budget fit specifically to your needs. Small business looking for mobile web presence will find that outsourcing a mobile website is as easy as posting their project and selecting a promising applicant.

Restaurants, clubs, and specialty stores could use an iPhone or Android application to update their customers on specials, attractions, and new inventory; and luckily, outsourcing mobile app development is every bit as straightforward. The same goes for larger companies hoping to implement a full framework of mobile advertising, web presence, and interactivity: graphical and technical specialists of every focus and skill level are out there right now looking to help you establish yourself on the mobile marketing landscape.

Of course, outsourcing your mobile strategy must sound like a monstrous undertaking: there are always contracts to be drawn up, contractor progress to be monitored, and of course collaboration between contractor and client to be managed.

Luckily, the presence of a few helpful online outsourcing companies has tamed the terrible contracting beast and caged it in a neat, user-friendly browser-based system.

oDesk and Elance have established themselves as leading providers of ready, robust, and reliable tools for contracting technical development projects. It couldn’t be simpler to outsource your mobile marketing strategy: just set up an account, post the project or projects you are looking to hire for, and pick the best applicants for your needs.

Even offshore outsourcing is made practical: profiles and project histories for potential contractors let you pick developers based on language, technical, and graphical skills. Even better, the most tedious – and occasionally stressful – elements of contracting, such as confidentiality, intellectual policy, and conflict resolution are written into the user agreements presented to you and your contractors.

In addition, oDesk and Elance each provide resources to connect with and manage your outsourced projects. There’s no need to worry about productivity monitoring: with integrated time logging, hourly pay and project progress are monitored – an hour’s pay for an hour’s work, guaranteed.

You will also find a wealth of collaboration tools at your disposal; you may be as involved as you like with the birth of your mobile marketing assets. To top it all off: the service is completely free to you. A small amount is asked from contractors after payments have been made, but the process is otherwise quite painless.

If you’re considering the fast-growing mobile road to recognition, outsourcing your mobile strategy has never been so easy or so rewarding. Visit one of these fine sites today OdeskElance , and see what the developers’ talent pool has to offer you!



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