Mobile Donations Growing for Nonprofit Organizations

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Mobile Donations Growing for Nonprofit Organizations

Mobile Donations Growing for Nonprofit Organizations

Nearly 90% of non-profits have been adversely impacted by the recession. When people are looking to cut back, charitable giving is often one of the first things to go when times are tight. In addition to lower nonprofit donations, charitable organizations have been hit hard by the stock market decline; many lost as much as 30% of the assets in their investment portfolios.

What makes it all worse is that just as the economy is causing lower nonprofit donations, more people are seeking assistance from charities to help them in this time of increased need. Text message marketing for nonprofits allows you to reach over 90% of mobile phone users, which make up over 95% of the adult population.

With nearly 280 million cell phones in the US sending and receiving trillions of text messages each year, having a text marketing strategy for your nonprofit organization just makes sense. After the earthquake in Haiti, nearly one-fourth of donations came in through bulk text marketing donations.

After web-based donations, text message marketing for nonprofits is the second most popular method of charitable giving in America. One of the best aspects of SMS marketing is that it allows charities to process smaller donations without dealing with hefty credit card processing fees.

Another advantage of text message marketing for nonprofits is that you can reach people instantly with an urgent need and make a difference in hours rather than days or weeks.

For instance, if you have a natural disaster such as the earthquake in Haiti, you can send out bulk text marketing to existing donors asking for immediate donations for emergency supplies such as food, water and medical care and have help on the way, fully funded before many organizations can draft an email or design a flyer.

Here are some facts about SMS marketing donations that will convince you that your nonprofit needs an effective text marketing strategy:

25% of people say they would donate to a cause using text messaging if the need was urgent

22% of people would rather text in a donation rather than write a check or donate on a website

Bulk text marketing donations allow you to access a segment of the population that may not have a credit card to use for donations because the donation is tacked onto the cell phone bill

What’s more – text message marketing for nonprofits doesn’t detract from any other fundraising campaigns you are running, such as print ads, TV campaigns or radio ads. Because SMS marketing is an entirely unique channel, it allows you to reach people that your other campaigns may not have reached.

There are many reasons why people don’t donate more often to nonprofits – whether it’s budgetary constraints, inconvenience or procrastination, SMS marketing addresses many of these. An effective text marketing strategy can address all of these – for those with limited budgets, the option to donate a small amount allows more people to participate – for those who mean to donate, but lose the form or forget the URL, being able to donate by simply replying to a text eliminates this barrier.

Bulk SMS marketing can reinvigorate your nonprofit donations, broaden your donor base and allow you to more effectively respond to immediate needs.

If you’re looking for a text marketing company to deploy your mobile giving strategy for your nonprofit organization, read our Protexting Reviews.



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Bill Limond December 28, 2012 at 12:46 am

We are a organization that help raise funds in order to help orphans that have lost their parents and home in various conflicts in south asia. We run centers in India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Nepal. We have a mobile website and we recive most of our donations from paypal through our mobile website.