Mobile Websites for Car Dealers Is Your Dealership Mobile Friendly

by Michael Armstrong

Mobile Websites are a New Must Have for Automotive Dealers

Auto Dealer Mobile MarketingMobile websites are a necessary marketing strategy for businesses that want to take advantage of the growth of smartphone use in the U.S. It is estimated that by 2015, mobile devices will overtake PCs as the number one way to access the internet. Businesses that do not have a mobile website will clearly be left behind.

Why do Car Dealerships Need a Mobile Website?

Having a mobile website basically puts your dealership into the palm of consumers’ hands. This expands your brand and gets it more widely seen and recognized. As many as 9 out of 10 consumers are shopping for a vehicle online before they even go to the dealership, so a mobile website takes further advantage of all the internet shoppers who are also using a mobile device.

Regular websites, which are optimized for PC viewing, can be frustrating for mobile users to access. There are differences in viewing ability because of screen size, as well as differences in bandwidth from PCs to mobile devices. A business without a mobile website makes it much harder for mobile users to do business with them, and there are many mobile users out there to do business with. Optimize your car dealership for mobile use, and you are sure to see an increase in business activity.

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Portability is important to mobile users, and people who are shopping for cars are likely to be found on-the-go. A mobile website for your dealership allows car shoppers to find your dealership at any time and from anywhere. Many smartphone users have the ability to search local businesses from their phone with just one click. Make sure your car dealership is searchable, and once found, optimized for mobile viewing to better serve a potential buyer.

Automotive Dealer Mobile Website Features

Most mobile devices are also phones, so a click-to-call button is an important feature for a mobile website. With one click, a car buyer can dial your dealership without having to look up the number. This makes it more convenient for the potential buyer to ask questions and connect with a salesperson. A mobile website for a car dealership should include a list of your inventory, with photos and other information that would entice an on-the-go customer to drive over to your dealership and take a test drive. The click-to-call button can be included to make it easier for those who want to talk to someone right away.

Your service department can be an important part of your mobile website. Hours of service and a click-to-call button to streamline scheduling an appointment will boost your business and make your clients’ lives easier.

With an online source such as DudaMobile, your dealership can have a website optimized for mobile quickly and easily. With as little as one click, your existing website can be converted for mobile. DudaMobile offers plenty of great features to help you establish a mobile presence and increase your business.


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