business mobile recruitingIs your business ready for mobile recruiting?  Finding and attracting top employee talent is a competitive arena and if you havent thought about your mobile recruiting strategy, you better get started.

Gone are the old days of printing and mailing your resume as a way to get noticed by businesses and human resource departments.  Recruiting has long been taking advantage of technology advancements to improve the process and to ensure that they find the top talent.

Attracting the best and most talented employees is an art and includes a companies ability to market the attractiveness of their company to the prospective employee.  Continue Reading

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open your retail store to mobile customersIf you’re a retailer, you need to realize that a big portion of shopping is going mobile.  Its not just online retail purchasing, but many other aspects of the retail shopping experience is going mobile.

Does your retail store have a mobile marketing strategy?  Have you updated your retail marketing plan to include mobile?  Do you have a retail mobile website?

Retail stores need a mobile website so their shoppers can access them on the go.  Retailers are building retail apps to give even more access to their shoppers.  Retail stores are also rolling out retail text message marketing campaigns to promote specials, discounts and sales. Continue Reading

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ProtextingIn this ProTexting review, we will explain how the creation mobile marketing campaigns is the way to go these days if you want to reach as many potential customers as possible. People are practically glued to their cell phones. Over 6 billion people have mobile phones, and they consider mobile devices to be necessities in this day and age.

Not only do they use them for calls and texts, they browse the web, search for things they want to buy, and then they purchase them. It is a breeze communicating to your clients and everyone on your contact list through Pro Texting’s SMS marketing software platform. Continue Reading

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Dudamobile Review LogoI was looking for an easy and cheap way to convert my website to a mobile website.  This Dudamobile Review is going to explain how that was accomplished.  I hope you find this information useful for your mobile websites:

About Dudamobile

Dudamobile was founded in 2009 and this Palo Alto, CA company uses its own mobile website creation platform that turns existing websites into mobile optimized sites.  In 2010, Dudamobile even launched platform that is now licensed by AT&T,, and Yahoo.  Currently DudaMobile is servicing over 2 million sites.

The price for this background knowledge is FREE.

Dudamobile Video

Features Offered

  • Optimize your website for phones with a web browser.
Continue Reading

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Mobile Apps are an integral part of an overall mobile marketing strategy for your small business.  People love using mobile apps from everything from shopping, playing games, getting directions and other information.

The growth of mobile apps is staggering.  There are now over a million mobile apps in the marketplace.  Developing a mobile app is no longer only for large businesses anymore.  Even a small business owner who has a salon, bar, nightclub or restaurant can make a simple and affordable mobile app.

Let your customers try out your app for free and even offer them an incentive to use it.  Continue Reading

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