Should Small Businesses Build Mobile Apps

by Michael Armstrong

Building Mobile Apps is a New Trend for Small Businesses

Mobile Apps for Small Business OwnersRemember way back when you were in grade school and your teacher told you there was no such thing as a stupid question? Well, you’re very lucky that she did, because otherwise you’d have no excuse to ask whether or not your small business needs to build a mobile app.

Of course it does. Why wouldn’t you want to? That’s the better question. The benefits are undeniable, the process is easy, thanks to companies like Duda Mobile, and mobile marketing is the undisputed champion of marketing strategies for the present and forseeable future.

Mobile Apps for Small Business – An Integral Part of Any Mobile Marketing Strategy

Let’s back up a bit. Perhaps it will be easier to understand why this is such a no-brainer when you understand the exact nature of mobile marketing. It is, after all, a fairly recent development.

When it comes to mobile marketing for small business, or any type of business, for that matter, there are three main types that you need to be aware of:

Text Message Marketing Mobile Websites and Ads Mobile Apps

Each of these has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages, but a well-designed and well-implemented mobile marketing strategy uses all three. That’s right; not one, not two, but three. Perhaps, then, the heading above should be rephrased. Mobile apps for small business are an integral part of any good mobile marketing strategy.

How Do Small Businesses Build Mobile Apps?

This is a much better question. When it comes down to it, if you want to get the most metaphorical bang for your very real buck, you need to utilize the services of outsourcing websites like Elance and oDesk.

With Elance and oDesk, you get to pick from a veritable horde of freelancers who specialize in mobile application development. These sites make outsourcing secure, competitively priced, and guaranteed to satisfy.

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses – Outsource, in-Budget, with Elance and oDesk

The process is simple and hassle free. You make a contractor profile on Elance or oDesk. This takes all of five minutes and is completely free. Then, you post your project. This might take even less than five minutes and, once again, it’s completely free.

mobile app marketing training course

After waiting a day or two (depending on how many applicants you want to sort through, you could even wait an hour or two) you choose from all the freelancers who bid on your project. Because they bid against each other, vying for the chance to work for you, their fees stay competitive. Plus, you set an initial budget cap when you make the project, ensuring that you don’t waste your time looking at a freelancer who is going to charge you an arm and a leg.

Both of these sites offer a variety of ways for you to determine whether particular applicants suit your needs, and once you pick one, the contract terms, payment, and means of communication and collaboration are taken care of for you. These sites charge only a 10% fee for connecting you with these freelancers, but that’s factored in the initial bid and you won’t even notice it.

Head over to Elance and oDesk today and stop wasting your own time asking what are, hopefully, rhetorical questions.

Get your small business marketing plan in gear and Go Mobile with mobile apps, mobile websites and SMS marketing!

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