SMS Reminder Service for Yoga Studios

by Michael Armstrong

Yogo Marketing Has Gone to a New Level with SMS Text Marketing Strategies

yoga marketing sms mobileMissed appointments equal lost revenue, but SMS reminder services can help save lost revenue by cutting down on the rate of missed yoga classes at your studio.

A yoga studio’s revenue depends in large part upon having students to fill every available class. When classes are forgotten or otherwise missed, revenue goes down. It definitely pays to do everything you can to minimize the appointments that are lost.

Some businesses, such as clinics or doctor’s offices, use automated phone calling systems to remind customers of their upcoming appointments. These automated calls can be annoying and intruding to customers, as they demand that the recipient stop what they are doing to answer the call and listen to the automated voice on the other end. There is a better way to remind your customers of their classes and appointments, and that is through the use of SMS reminder services.

Why SMS Text Reminders are the Way to Go!

Mobile SMS reminders are a much less intrusive way to remind your yoga students about classes they have registered to attend. Though it is less intrusive, it has a personal feel. This is due to the personal nature of how people treat their mobile phones. Mobile phones are kept close by and are viewed as an important part of their lives, and the text messages they receive are almost always opened and read very quickly. Automated phone calls may not be answered, but SMS reminders are almost guaranteed to be read. SMS reminders are also great because they are very affordable. They are also quick to setup and easy to begin using. If you have a computer, laptop or smartphone with internet access, you can take advantage of SMS reminder services and your staff can stop making reminder phone calls and put their time to better use.

SMS Text Reminder Service Ideas

As already mentioned, yoga studios can send out SMS reminders for upcoming classes and cut down on the numbers of missed and forgotten yoga sessions. Another good use for SMS reminders is to help your yoga students remember to pay their tuition and other fees. This helps reduce the numbers of late payments and keeps the books flowing more easily.

Yoga Marketing Training

All it takes is an internet connection to begin using SMS reminder services. On the web, SMS reminder services are just a click away. Trumpia makes sending text message reminders incredibly easy and affordable for even the smallest yoga studio. Create new reminders with just an easy three step process. Not sure, or don’t want to commit yet? Trumpia can help you with their 30-day free trial, giving you a full month to try their SMS reminder services and see how it helps your yoga studio increase class attendance and keep revenue up.


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