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Trumpia Review Start Free TrialThis Trumpia Review found they are truly the All-in-One SMS marketing provider and with a current Trumpia Promo Code (mobiletraining), companies can get started today for free.

Trumpia allows businesses to directly connect with their customer base in a way that is familiar and easy – their mobile phones.  With over 219 million Americans with cell phones – Trumpia facilitates mobile marketing that is proven to be effective.

What makes Trumpia unique is that they offer more bells and whistles than their competitors.  They are truly the All-in-One solution because with Trumpia you can have bulk SMS marketing plus email, social, voice, and chat marketing!  Continue Reading

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Yogo Marketing Has Gone to a New Level with SMS Text Marketing Strategies

yoga marketing sms mobileMissed appointments equal lost revenue, but SMS reminder services can help save lost revenue by cutting down on the rate of missed yoga classes at your studio.

A yoga studio’s revenue depends in large part upon having students to fill every available class. When classes are forgotten or otherwise missed, revenue goes down. It definitely pays to do everything you can to minimize the appointments that are lost.

Some businesses, such as clinics or doctor’s offices, use automated phone calling systems to remind customers of their upcoming appointments. Continue Reading

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limecellularlogoreviewThis Lime Cellular White Label Review found the company is offering something completely unique in the marketplace – a white label SMS Marketing program that allows you to control every aspect of your very own text message marketing business.

That’s right, you can have 100% White Label SMS Text Marketing Software through Lime Cellular.  You can sign up as many resellers under you as you want, market the services to businesses, show promotional videos and bill customers under your own branded mobile marketing business.

Lime Cellular review video

It’s in the numbers – SMS Marketing is Growing Rapidly and Text Marketing Resellers are Needed

There are over 255 million cell phone users in the United States.  Continue Reading

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ProtextingIn this ProTexting review, we will explain how the creation mobile marketing campaigns is the way to go these days if you want to reach as many potential customers as possible. People are practically glued to their cell phones. Over 6 billion people have mobile phones, and they consider mobile devices to be necessities in this day and age.

Not only do they use them for calls and texts, they browse the web, search for things they want to buy, and then they purchase them. It is a breeze communicating to your clients and everyone on your contact list through Pro Texting’s SMS marketing software platform. Continue Reading

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Add Mobile Coupons to your Restaurant Marketing Plan Today!

mobile coupons for restaurantsRestaurant text coupons make it easier for restaurants to market themselves, especially in a tight economy. Consumers are going out to eat less than they used to, and spending less even when they do go out to eat. Restaurant owners need new, cost-effective means of advertising to try and draw people in and get them to spend money. This is where text message marketing comes in.

Why Restaurants need SMS Mobile Coupons

SMS marketing reaches consumers through their handheld devices such as their cell phones. Because these messages go right to the consumer, wherever they are, they have a more personal feel than traditional advertising. Continue Reading

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