Text Message Marketing for Small Business

by Michael Armstrong

Text Message Marketing for Small Business

Text Messaging for Small Businesses

Mobile marketing strategies are a must for todays small business owners.  When you own a small business, you can’t afford to waste any money on ineffective marketing strategies. Every penny that you spend has to hold its own weight. You need real results for the money that you spend.

When it comes to current marketing strategies, there isn’t a single one out there that guarantees more bang for your buck than mobile marketing. Your efforts are relayed instantaneously and effortlessly, right to the mobile phones of your customers. It is targeted and effective marketing, and there isn’t a small business out there that can’t benefit from it.

Here are the main facts that you need to know about text message marketing for small business.

Text Message Marketing for Small Business – Show and Tell

With text message marketing, you can show your customers what you want or you can tell them. You have both options because of the two main types of message service available:

SMS – stands for Short Message Service. It refers to a text message, which allows you to send 160 characters at a time.

MMS – stands for Multimedia Message Service. These are media messages and they can be either images or videos.

How Text Message Marketing For Small Business Works

The main way that you can utilize text message marketing involves adopting an opt-in list for your customers. These are lists that interested individuals are able to sign up for by providing their mobile number. Once they do you can send out bulk SMS and MMS messages that instantaneously reach every number on the list.

Text Message Marketing For Small Business – Why it Works

Your customers have mobile phones? How can you be sure? Well, in the US there are currently an estimated 49 million businesses already engaged in mobile advertising, and in 2011 a whopping $20 billion was spend on mobile ads. These companies aren’t dumb and they aren’t wasting their money. The proof is in the numbers – an estimated 12 million customers made purchases through mobile ads.

The fact is, almost every person in this country has a mobile phone. Every mobile phone provider offers some sort of texting package and unlimited texting usually goes for a mere $10 a month.

In addition to all of those numbers, there is the rising generation of young people who have grown up in a mobile world. They’ve had phones waiting for them since they’ve been in diapers and text message is their primary mode of communication.

Text Message Marketing for Small Business – The Personal Connection

As a small business, you have the ability to provide your customers with a personal touch that they won’t experience anywhere else. Well, there is nothing more personal for customers than text messaging. It’s the way they keep in touch with their family and friends. Now, with text message marketing, it can be the way that you keep in touch with them too.

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Mobile Marketing including SMS Marketing, Mobile Phone Websites, Mobile Advertising and Mobile Apps is changing everything.  Mobile Marketing in Boston is taking off.  If your a Boston small business owner interested in learning more about mobile marketing strategies, you have come to the right place.

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